This girl

This girl. She came flying into this world like a kamikaze pilot determined to die. Whether it was good or bad no one knows, she was intercepted by an enemy force who left her with a scar to prove he did. She lived.

This is how her life began. I’m sure she was wondering what the hell she was doing here because she cried for practically the entire first year of her life. I wouldn’t have blamed anyone for being driven to insanity and wishing for the second coming of Christ. This girl made it anyway.

And make it she did, like a firecracker fresh out of some Chinese factory dancing her way around and throwing sparks everywhere. Some people insisted she stop her shenanigans or more truthfully said, “Stop your shit, girl!”

If she would have had the vocabulary she would have replied, “Hell no!”

It would have been rebellion at its finest.

© 2021 Loly Rinn
Photo by Alexander Kagan on Unsplash
Excerpts from A Beautiful Girl's Life

Love like the wind

I'll love you like the wind
That picks up dust
And spins it into a vortex
Gaining momentum
Until it becomes destructive
But I swear the only thing
It'll destroy is my heart
Because it will take you 
On the ride of your life
Somewhere beyond
Out of sight
Out of mind
Yes, it will make you go 
Out of your mind

I'll love you like the wind
With a gentle touch 
Across your face
Unseen but unforgettable
Like sweet breezes 
Blowing through your hair
Softly and swiftly
Sweeping the fresh air
Into your breath
To revive you again
And leaving you wondering
What you did to deserve this
Gentle but mighty force
Blowing your mind

© 2021 Loly Rinn
Photo by Atlas Green on Unsplash

A dance with daddy

Daddy, I want to dance with you
Like a princess with her king
Waltzing on a golden floor
Twirling under a silver moon
With music from another world
Playing the rhythm of laughter

I see the light in your eyes
Loving me like the morning sun
And there's nothing like being with you
When the world doesn't get in the way

I know you're cheering me forward
And I want to move past the fear
To find the freedom in the jump
Trusting you'll catch me if I fall

I'll measure every man against you
The one who hung my moon
And wrote my name in the stars
A soul like no other I've known
Loving a daughter like she deserves
Loving me like a queen at a ballroom dance

© 2021 Loly Rinn
Photo by Ante Hamersmit on Unsplash

The new year

I'm saying goodbye to the year that is passing
Of fears and sorrows, Of changes and happiness
There is much I will always remember
Still, memories are not like the present
So I am finding it hard to say goodbye
I'm not sorry for the good times or even the bad
For why should I be, they brought me to today
They have taught me about people, life and myself
What I've found in this year is more worthy than gold
Never would I want to trade the wisdom I've gained
Life continues onward and I must lead it
In a heartfelt goodbye, the past I leave in memory

I'm saying hello to the year that is coming
The presentation of the new year does not frighten me
Somehow I know everything will be alright
New times and experiences will assuredly come my way
Remembrances will be given to my mind and heart
In this year, I hope to become closer to my dreams
Yet, I find it hard to say hello because I don't know what will be
Yes, tomorrow will arrive and I will learn anew
There will be need to see the meaning of the days
And in the end of the year I will recall it all
And again, it will be hard to say goodbye
But each new year brings reason for my life here

 © 2021 Loly Rinn
Photo by Andrey Zvyagintsev on Unsplash
From a personal anthology of bygone poetry

Little wild bird

It wasn't very kind of someone
To lock you in that cage
Throw away the key
And toss you crumbs sporadically
Of course you made the best of it
You even sang for awhile
Until you realized no one listened
And your countenance fell
Your eyes grew dim
And you began to wait for death to arrive

But I'm here now
I heard your cracked plea
And I see you little one
I know nothing wild can be tamed
So I'll unlock the door
Mend your brokenness
And show you the way out
You'll spread your wings
To fly in the open skies
And find your glory again
Where you always should've been

© 2021 Loly Rinn
Photo by Deleece Cook on Unsplash